Prepaid Consultancy

Prepaid Consultancy
Pay for 6 hours
NZ$ 445.00 excluding GST
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This is the starting point for many natural skin care ideas. My minimum initial consultancy time is four hours. This package gives you an extra hour for free. 

This package is for when you have some ideas about starting a range of products, have some possible formulae. I devote my full attention to you and your ideas- giving advice, researching for you, making suggestions, or reviewing your documentation for registration for example. The time is spent however you see fit. It does not have to be taken in one block however it needs to be paid for in advance. The usual format is we would have an intial meeting over the phone or zoom and you would send me documents/information. I would then work on them and send through my reponses.

Package Conditions

  • All work conducted in confidence
  • All work must be prepaid-I do not begin advising, suggesting and undertaking any work until payment is received in full 
  • All consultancy is by appointment-I work for a number of clients and I like to focus on their needs at that time. If I have to break that focus for a spontaneous meeting with another client it may compromise the work I am doing.

Please note this package does not involvee any sample making- this is costed out separately and it may be more cost effective to purchase the sample package.