Solid Perfume Base

Solid Perfume Base
These bases are made from aromatic plant waxes and can be remelted for you to add your own blends to create a bespoke perfume.
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Solid Parfume Base

These have the texture of a balm and contain plant butters and precious aromatic waxes which melt on contact with the skin. They contain the soft aromas of the individual ingredients and can be used as a lip balm* or as a base to add additional aromatics to to create your own bespoke parfum

Ingredients |100% Vegan | 100% Natural.

Fair trade shea butter, murmuru butter, jojoba wax,  organic sunflower oil +  aromatic wax

Choose from:

  • Mimosa wax
  • Jasmine wax
  • Rose wax
  • Pink Lotus wax
  • Balsam fir * Not for use as a lip balam
  • Lemon peel wax


To melt place pot in small pan with water and melt. Add up to 10% of aromatic oils if using as a perfume or 1% if using a lip balm. Add 1% castor oil to make a glossy lip balm