Natural Perfume Concentrate- Fougere Type

Natural Perfume Concentrate- Fougere Type
Blend of earthy and forest moss aromas from plants.
Blended in an ethanol base as some ingredients are very thick.
This is a concentrated blend to dilute further for perfumery.
5ml bottle with glass dropper
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Fougere Type perfume concentrate- implies a mossy, earthy, green aroma (fernlike). This type of aroma is popular with men. Oils like lavender or geranium absolute, oakmoss absolute, hay absolute, Tonka bean give the green deep notes. Others which can be blended include galbanum, vetivert, clary sage and geranium. Ideally such a blend should be left to mature for at least 3 months before adding or diluting. Variations to the Fougere type can include creating a more ‘leathery’ aroma by adding oils such as ambrette seed, ylang ylang absolute, cade or cedarwood. A fougere blend can also be lightened, whilst still retaining its earthy, green richness. Adding oils such as yuzu, elemi, Combava, red mandarin, rosemary or lime. 

If you prefer a spicier fougere type then add frankincense CO2, cumin CO2, angelica or cinnamon bark. Finally a more floral fougere can be created by adding rose otto, neroli, tuberose, boronia or violet leaf absolute.

This Fougere blend contains the following oils diluted in alcohol (75:25) so the blend is pourable. This blend needs diluting further before applying to the skin. It will develop more depth if left over time. Wendy alos has a complete Fougere type completed perfume.

Top Notes: Bergamot, cypress

Middle Notes: Juniperberry, West Indian Sandalwood

Base Note: Spikenard