Full Service Contract

Full Service Contract
This package covers everything from start to finish to develop a range of products.
NZ$ 8,999.00 including GST
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Wendy knows how hard it is to get your ideas off the ground and into production without committing to hundreds of kilos of production. This package means From Nature Ltd can take your ideas from small test pot stage to a full commercial production (either by From Nature Ltd or an external manufacturer).

This comprehensive package covers everything needed to get a product range developed and ready for market. Please read the following carefully. Wendy will only work with one full service client at a time, and devotes 100% of business effort into this product for the client to get thigs udnerway as quikcly as possible.

Please note Wendy does not do any of the following: 

  • Use animal derived ingredients including fish based extracts. If required by prior consultation honey and beeswax can be used however these involve totally different production equipment and processes and there may be additional charge to cover these costs and to decontaminate production area
  • Develop hair care products (solid or liquid)
  • Develop sunscreen products- the NZ regulatations for sunscreen products are rightfully stringent and reqirement significant testing to make claims (>$5000). My home based lab is not suitabke for this. in addition ethically i will not make products which imply a sunprotection factor to be sold without testing
  • Make bar soaps or foaming body care products
  • Make colour cosmetics

This full Service Package includes the following

  1. Inital scoping meeting- in person or virtually (travel costs extra and by arrangement Wendy can travel in the Asia/Pacific region)
    1. This meeting determines what the planned product range, what are the parameters, time frame, associated costs, scope of formulation (a non disclosure agreement can be signed before this meeting)
  2. This meeting is then followed up by a contract detailing the specifics of the project and this is signed by both parties.
    1. This contract will confirm the type and number of products,  specific- attributes required, time frame, testing and other important details (minimum number of products to be developed is 5 and maximum 10)
  3. Research time into sourcing ingredients, manufacturing specifications which be compiled into a final production dossier
  4. All communication between From Nature Ltd and the client (email preferred so a record of conversations can be kept)
  5. Advice on packaging type and possible suppliers (From Nature Ltd does not supply packaging
  6. Product Development Phase 1:
    1. small trial batch of each product type with differnt variations for client to review (e.g. differnt aroma, texture, organic vs. non organic. These are manufacturered in test batch sizes of 100-150gm
    2. Client completes phase 1 evaluation and what modificatiosna re needed (e.g differnt aroma)
    3. Repeat of phase 1 with any modifications
  7. Product Development Phase 2:
    1. the information is collated from the phase 1 development and consumer testing samples are created in batch sizes of 300-500gm. ideally these ar packed into your planned containers
    2. These samples are used for the clinet to test on a small number of people for feedback
    3. Once feedback from any final consumer testing there is ability to offer a repeat sample for up to 3 products if ahnges are desired
  8. Product Development Phase 3:  This is a very important part of the trial development as the batch size is scaled up to make 900gm of any facial products and 1.8 kg of body care products (serums and eye creams 500gm batch size). Production techniques change when the sizes are larger. This phase also includes sending samples of to an independent lab for test (anti microbial allow 2-3 weeks), in house stability testing (allow 2 weeks).  Wendy strongly recommends this batch is placed in your preferred packaging for testing. These samples are often used to showcase products at a stage show or to demonstrate to potential retial or wholesale customers so they can place an order.
  9. Documentation
    1. Preparation of manufacturing dossier with full manufacturing instructions and formualtions so thes eproducts can be manufactured elsewhere if required
    2. Information supplied to meet NZ labelling requirements
    3. Ingredient dossier and maufacturing standard if required for product certifcation 9e.g certified vegan, vegetarian, cerifced organic - desired standard MUST be agreed before hand as retrospective certication difficult once formualtion developed
    4. Product dossier with ingredient specifications, results of testing, brand attributes, suggested markeing statements
  10. Review of graphic designs for labelling to ensure they comply with NZ labelling law (if for another country this must be agrred on at start of project).
    3. Marketing and webbased informaiton alos reviewed

Once your product is fully developed and ready to manufactured in bulk amount we can also do this on a small scale (individual batch sizes of up to 10 kg filled). As part of our commitment to the success of your business any production costs quoted will remain valid for 18 months, (excluding freight) and we will offer a 50% discount on lab fees and filling for the first 50 kg of product. We alos offer ongoing support and adice for up to one year after commencing even if we are not making your product.