Distilled Hydrosol

Distilled Hydrosol
Hydrosols are the water based aromatic produced during distillation of plants. My hydrosols are produced fresh to order and the essential oil is not removed
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I distill a range of hydrosl from my organically grown plants in my urban fragrant oasis. Hydrosols contain the aromatic water soluble parts of plants and have a range of uses from room fresheners, hari and beauty products or use to make soaps.

These are distilled fresh to order so you are getting the freshest possible hydrosol. these are then placed into opaque food grade PET plastic pails.

1. Lavender (seasonal) January-March- soothing, antiseptic

2. Rosemary- all year roun- great as a facial toner, use in hari car products

3. Rose geranium leaves-all year around from pelargonium leaves - use in skin care, as a toner, refreshing room spray

4. Rose attar rose geranium (all year around)- highly sectned almost like pure rose

5. Lemon geranium (summer only) - toning and astringent- great for skincare

6. lemon myrtle (all year around) - a reflreshing and uplifting aroma

7. Gardenia (highly seasonal)

8. Osmanthais (highly seasonal)