Elementals Avocado Moisture Lotion *NEW*

Elementals Avocado Moisture Lotion *NEW*
A hydrating moisturiser base made with NZ grown avocado oil
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Introduced in 2023,  this base cream has become a popular product. It is smooth and hydrating and suited for many products or as a simple body moisturiser for sensitive or irritated skin. Uses NZ grown avocado oil and organic coconut oil.

Ingredients | 100%Vegan 

Aqua, Persea armeniaca (Avocado oil) , Cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil)  Butyspermum parkii (shea butter), Cetearyl glucoside (and) Cetearyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol  (natural preservatives)

NO petrochemical or synthetic derivatives

To add other ingredients:

This product could have up to an extra 3-5% of liquid ingredients mixed in. If you chose to melt and remix you will need to use a high speed mixer, however it may not be as creamy due to our homogeniser. If it looks like it has separated after melting then remix while cooler but still liquid.

  1. Essential oils up to 1% for face use or 3% for body use
  2. Other carrier oils up to 3%
  3. Glycerine based extracts up to 2%
  4. Alcohol based extracts up to 2%
  5. Water/gel based extracts up to 3 % (check if extra preservative is needed)
  6. Solid butters- would need melting first and adding in at speed to melted cream up to 4%

Note: Remember these are the maximum recommended per ingredient. Your total of ALL additives should not exceed 5% of total volume. From Nature Ltd accepts no liability for the finished product and we recommned  trialling small amounts first.