Honey Myrtle Australia

Honey Myrtle Australia
Melaleuca teretifolia 25 ml amber dripulator
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I buy this fabulous oil in bulk direct from grower in Western Australia, Paperbark Oils Ltd. the essential oil is steam disitlled  from the links and twigs. this oil has a sweet lemon and woddy aroma. Quite differnt to lemon myrlte.

The key constituents are: citral 65 - 72% (neral and geranial), myrcene (9-11%), geraniol 1.9 – 4.0%, (E)-isocitral up to 2.5%, limonene (0.5–2.0%), alpha pinene (0.5–1.5%) and  linalool (0.5%) .

Always use diluted on the skin up to 2% due to the aldehydes. Calming, soothing, expectorant. I have found it great to inahle with dry tickly throat.


Melaleuca teretifolia Endl.

Also called Banbar, Marsh Honey Myrtle