The Sultress Natural Candles

The Sultress Natural Candles
100% Natural, soya based premium candles made with pure natural plant extracts.
Free from synthetic fragrance

This bespoke range of natural candles are hand made from a premium long burning soya wax base with pure essential oils and plant based aromatic extracts added. This gives an authentic, natural smell with the corresponding benefits of each of the carefully selected ingredients. Candles made from pure aromatics burns slightly differntly to synthetics and generally should be burnt for 1-2 hours at a time maximum.

Choose from canldes which complement for the Sultress Parfum range or from one of the other candles.

With care these candles can be used as heated massage wax.

Safety Information:

  • Candles are not for ingestion (eating)
  • Never leave a naked flame unattended
  • Light candle away from fabric or other combustible material
  • Do not leave unattended around young children or pets with wagging tails
  • Make sure candle is fully estinguised before going to sleep or leaving the house
  • Do nt use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
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