Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil Australia

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil Australia
Backhousia citriodora direct from distiller in Gympie Queensland Australia
25 ml dropper bottles
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Backhouisa citriodora is grown and distilled by Purity Essential oils in Gympie. Australia. It is also called Lemon scented ironwood.The essential oil is steam disitlled from the aerial branches. it is native to coastal rainforests from Brisbane North, however the plant does grown in New Zealand. It is a fresh lemon aroma with a slight woody undertone.

Key Constituents: Aldehydes- neral 38.3%, geranial 46.4%, trans-iso-citral 2.6%, cis-iso-citral 2.6%, small amounts of  alcohols-linalool and geraniol.

Safety: Due to the high % of aldehydes this oil can cause skin irritation so always dilute before use. It can be used in soaps and body care products (not recommended for the face). Maximum dilution for body care products 2%

Actions: antimicribial actions, (antifungal),  Also effective as insect repellant and for molluscum contagiosum, sedating (calming)