Rose Scented Lemongrass

Rose Scented Lemongrass
Direct from Gower in India after 20 years of research
25 ml
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Tnis amazing essentialoil is a very special chemotype of lemongrass Called Cymbopogon citratus var. Sargam'. It has beenperfected over the years through careful cultivation by Mr Singh. Ipublsihed my research on this amazing oil in 2020-the full article is available here.

Due to the logisitcs of interntional shipping this is probably a one off purchase for now.Iordered in bulk just before COVIDhit and the oil took six months tog et to me.

No one else in New Zealand is importing this oil.

It is unique with the typical lemonrass softened by the rose from the presence of rhodinol in it.

It is worth tryign it for the unique aroma it offers!